Climate Change Economics


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Welcome to Climate Change Economics. PDF Print E-mail

The economics of climate change and responses to it, broadly defined, is the scope of this website.

Our objective is to offer access to the best available objective analysis of the options facing the United States, fifty individual states and the US territories as we address the carbon intensity of our economy. As more and more Americans are realizing, our nation faces a growing double threat  posed by both climate changes in our local communities and the rapidly increasing costs of fossil fuels. Climate Change Economics will equip policymakers and researchers at every level of government with a clearinghouse of resources and tools to tackle these challenges comprehensively.

PLEASE NOTE:  Content on this website has not been updated since December, 2010.

Lessons From Experience have been added to the site to provide users with data on the implementation and impacts of state and local energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy programs that have been in operation in a variety of settings across the US and the globe. The materials have been selected to help state officials frame the contexts and incentives for creating similar programs in their jurisdictions. 

The Lessons collection includes links to a special series of case studies gatheredfor a forthcoming book on Repowering Communities. The cases can be viewed individually by topic or you can go directly to <> for the whole series.

Additional information on this site is provided as always in several forms: 

Basic Economic Guidance contains brief descriptions of economic principles and concepts for people who need some help using the logic of formal economic analyses when considering policy options.

Legislators' Tools provides materials to help legislators do their jobs, including shortcuts for using this website and questions to ask to critically review the information about climate change economics that is being provided to them by advocates and various business interests

The Climate Change Library contains documents on the economics of climate change, including newspaper articles, testimony and reports, academic articles and other material-all rated for their readability by non-economists.

Web Resources
provides a growing index of web sites offering commentary and analysis on climate change economics and the more general issues of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
We welcome contributions of documents, suggestions of new links, and other suggested resources for this website.  Contributors please Register and Log In to help this resource grow and become more valuable to all users.

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